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“Macbytes“ is a leading iPad,iPhone and MacBook Repair & Service Center in India. We have professionally trained iPad technicians that offer repair & support services for iPad all over India.

Why Choose Macbytes?

There is a lot of confusion when you choose any repair or service center for your expensive device such as an Apple device including MacBook, iPhones, iMac, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. We are at number #1 position from more than 5 years in this repair industry by providing more than 12,000 Apple device services all over India. Our free pickup and delivery services make your repair service easier and faster. We are master for resolving any issues and repair all parts of computer problems as well as any hardware or software problem. Our professional Apple repair services are best for multi-device. We can fix any hardware problems at Best & Lowest price. We Configure LAN or Wireless Route with Online remote support and provide setup or maintenance of Firewall with any other network-related issues. The best part about Macbytes is our transparent price of products including OEM spare parts. We provide manufacturer’s warranty on the products and also limited warranty on repairs with same day repair service in some cases. Our doorstep repair service with expert Apple trained and certified repair technicians help you to make your repair easier and faster. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and security with a quick repair process with a low-cost guarantee. We deliver service in all over India more than 23,000 postal codes.
Free Pickup & Drop Across India

We will pickup devices at your doorstep throughout India. We Provide pickup and drop service all over India and good part is is it’s free.

Timely Support For All The Issues
We know how important your device to you. For that, we always try to deliver your device to you as soon as possible. When your device comes to us,
Affordable Yet Quality Repair

SAVE BIG on your repair! There is no reason to pay more for less, and we believe in FAIR pricing while still providing the highest quality of service.

Trained & Experienced Engineers
All Our technicians are Certificated professional.When they are repairing your device, There are some 30 quality parameter they follow.


What Our Customers Say About Us


This is the best Apple service center in India! Thanks for being such good Apple technicians and getting me in and out so fast. Any time I’m in any city and need something fixed, I will definitely go to Macbytes Repair Centre! Because I got my MacBook screen replaced here in very less time. I got my MacBook as a new one as before. They provide the OEM screen and fix it properly. They collect it from my office and delivered it there without any cost.




I broke the screen of my iPhone 7 Plus, then I need the best iPhone repair centers because my phone is out of warranty. Then I visit the Macbytes website and saw their repair pattern and the positive customer reviews and then I replaced my iPhone screen from Macbytes and I can’t believe that the iPhone looks like a new one. Thanks for your support and service. It takes very little time to do all of that! GREAT doorstep service for all Apple devices.




These Macbytes guys rock, Great service, excellent customer service! By mistake, I spilled water on my iMac and I was scared about it and searched for the best repair place. Then I got Macbyte service and It was great and it cost so much less than anywhere else after I compared prices. The staff was really friendly as well. If you have any problems with your Apple device, I highly recommend Macbytes, India. They provide free pickup and delivery service.



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Creating Wow Moment for Customer

Best iPad Repair in India

India is a country in South Asia and it is the seventh-largest country by area. It is the second-most populous country and the most populous democracy in the world. Here a number of different businesses and technology develop and grow over the years. We are now completely dependent on technology and a variety of electronic devices. So, it is possible to face a variety of problems regarding any of your gadgets. Now we come to the repair service and problems of the devices including laptops, desktops, Apple devices, etc. 

But when you come to macbytes, India online for an Apple device repair like iPhones, you can rest assured, our technicians have the professional experience to diagnose and fix the problem, fast. Beyond iPhones, we specialize in a wide variety of Apple device repairs including MacBook, iPad, iMac, Apple watch and much more. We strive to create solutions that work for both your device and your wallet. We will continue to lead the wireless repair industry as the experts in fast, efficient repairs. Our certified expert Apple technicians are able to resolve all your iPhone problems including LCD/screen replacement services, water damage diagnostic, battery replacement, charging port repair, camera repair, speaker repair, microphone, headphone, network issues, power button problem, software issues, etc.

Our valuable customers love us; we are the most favored online iPad repair center based on you. Our objective is to furnish our clients with quality repair at a reasonable cost. We utilize top-quality new Parts or OEM parts for each replacement. On the off chance that we fix your iPhone, it will work precisely equivalent to it did when you initially got it. Other than offering the absolute fastest, most moderate iPhone fix in India, we offer a repair service that comes to you for various models of iPhones. Book your iPhone screen fix or other assistance online in minutes – begin with macbytes and experience simple, helpful doorstep iPad repair service.

To ensure your iPad repair service can be completed as quickly as possible, schedule an appointment with us! Arrange an appointment below, and one of our support will be in contact with you shortly.

We Repair All Apple iPad Issues

If you are using any kinds of devices then it is obvious to face different kinds of problems regarding your iPad. The problems you can face such as screen damage or broken, battery problem, water damage issue, charging port damage, camera damage or broken, speaker issue, damaged microphone, headphone socket problem, vibration repair, network issues, power button problem, volume button, earpiece problem, software issues, diagnostic service, etc.

1. iPad Screen Replacement:


2. iPad Battery Replacement:


3. iPad Charging Port Replacement:


4. iPad Liquid Damage Repair:


5. iPad Camera Repair:


6. iPad Speaker Repair:


7. iPad Microphone Repair:


8. iPad Headphone Socket Repair:


9. iPad Vibration Repair:


10. iPad Network Issues Repair:


11. iPad Power Button Repair:


12. iPad Volume Button Repair:


13. iPad Earpiece Replacement:


14. iPad Software Issues Repair:


15. iPad Diagnostic Service Repair:


We Repair All iPad Models

When we come to the iPad models then Apple company is well established and make a number of models with great features.iPad ,iPad Mini ,iPad Pro,iPad Air

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Screen Of An iPad?

The screen replacement cost depends on-screen quality. We have a variety of screens from high to low quality. But at Macbytes the iPad screen replacement cost starting from 3000rs. But it also depends on the models of the iPad.

2. How Do I Fix My iPad If It Won’t Turn On?

It may be the internal or motherboard problem and it is not resolved at home. It needs the best iPad service center in India. We are available here with our inspection service and repair service.

3. Why Is My iPad Is Not Charging?

It all because of battery problems and it needs battery replacement as soon as possible.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Repair iPad Camera?

The cost of the camera repair and replacement depends on the iPad models because of its various ranges. But the camera replacement of iPads cost at Macbytes starting from 1400 rs.

5. Do You Fix The Home Button Of iPad?

Yes, we will. We are at Macbytes to fix or repair all of the iPad problems including hardware and software issues.

6. Can Macbytes Collect My iPad?

Yes, we provide free pickup and delivery services all over India. We collect your device from your location and then send it to you after repair. 

7. How Much Will My iPad Repair Cost?

It depends on the repair service. Which part of your device is repaired and what kind of service it needs. But our general repair service costs starting from 1200 rs.

8. Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, here we accept the online payment modes and UPI, paytm, etc.

9. Will I Lose My Data During Repair?

Actually this depends on the repair service and repair process. If you have any hardware issue then your data will be safe but in case of a software issue, it may be deleted. So it is better to take data backup before repair.

10. If My Phone Can’t Be Fixed, Can You Recover My Data?

This only depends on the iPad problems. If you are facing some software related issues that affect your data then it is not possible.

11. Is It Worth Fixing Liquid Damaged iPad?

Yes, definitely. Because this condition is repairable. Some water damage or liquid damage is easily repaired at Macbytes at a very less time.

12. Do You Require My Password Or Lock Code During Repair?

Yes, we require the password for full device testing after repair. But your data will be in a safe hand at Macbytes.

13. When Do I Pay For The Repair?

You will pay your repair or replacement charges after repair. We just delivered your device after you pay. 

14. Are Repair Guaranteed?

Yes, we give a warranty in some cases. Warranty on Replacement parts are subject to a declaration of the manufacturer company provides warranty on selected iPad repair job. 

15. Can You Replace An iPad Battery?

Yes, we will provide the repair and replacement service for all the body parts of the iPad of all models. We have a variety of batteries from high to low cost.

16. Can I Get My iPad Repair Today?

It depends on the iPad problems and models. Some services including battery replacement, software issues, etc. are one day delivery facility. But in other major issues, we take some time and the maximum time we take is 72 hours.

17. Is My Data Secure?

Yes, definitely. We have our own well-organized lab and that place only allowed for our engineers. So, your data or your expensive iPads are at a safe hand.

18. Do You Use Original Apple Parts For Replacement?

Yes, definitely. We provide OEM spare parts with the manufacturer’s warranty for replacement. But we have a different range of spare parts according to the customer’s demand.

19. What Models Of iPad Do You Repair?

At Macbytes, we repair all models and model the number of iPads including iPad min,ipad pro,ipad air.

20. Are You Provide Repair Service On Sunday?

Yes, we provide repair service also on Sunday for our customer’s convenience. Because we know that in this busy world all working people are free on Sunday.

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